Top 8 Prettiest Dog Breeds

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1. Samoyed 

It is the prettiest dog breed because their long, dense, fluffy coat needs regular grooming.

2. Australian Shepherd

These dogs look beautiful because of their multi-colored coat and sticking eyes.

3. Pomeranian

It is a small dog breed with a dense, attractive coat that stands out.

4. Poodles

These dogs have hypoallergenic coats requiring proper grooming but are highly trainable.

5. Maltese 

Another small, beautiful dog breed with a white flowing coat, and these dogs are intelligent and easy to train.

6. Papillon 

They are one of the cutest small dog breeds with silky coats and are famous for their sweet eye expressions.

7. Siberian husky

Due to double coat huskies, they are the most identifiable and attractive dog breed.

8. Golden retriever

Last but not least, beautiful dog breeds famous for their gentle and affectionate nature make them great family pets.

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