Top 8 Most Affectionate Large Dog Breeds

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1. Labrador retriever

It is the most affectionate large dog breed with loyalty, friendliness, and gentle behavior.

2. Bernese mountain dog

It is the cuddly, most giant dog breed that loves spending time with its owners.

3. Golden retriever

These large dogs melt your heart with cuteness and affection known for their golden coat.

4. Newfoundland

These gentle Giants are affectionate, great with kids, and make strong bonds.

5. Doberman pinchers

One of the popular guard dog breeds requires proper training and socialization to make a wonderful family pet.

6. German shepherd

One of the popular dog breeds famous for its intelligence and loyalty can be trained easily.

7. Great Dane

Another large-sized gentle giant loves snuggling, making them a lovable companion for anyone.

8. Boxer 

Boxers are bundles of joy known for their playful nature and exude warmth and love for their families.

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